Curriculum Vitae

Jae Maries’ themes often revolve around figures in an environment. She uses her thumbnail sketches as inspiration which she then develops into life-size wall-hung textile pieces. She works in a variety of media and enjoys the challenge of combining textured stitches surfaces with oil-painted fabric panels. Jae’s current work is developing a daily visual diary. This is a new direction for her and she is curious to see where it leads.

BA Hons. Fine Art, Reading University
Diploma Creative Embroidery (Distinction) Brighton University
Teaching and Career History
Freelance tutor and lecturer
Urchfont Manor, Wiltshire, Master Class
1994 – 2006 West Dean College.
1999 – 2005 Tutor BA (Hons) Opus School of Textile Arts (Mddx. University)
1994 Visiting tutor – Council American Embroiderers, USA
1997 Visiting tutor – Embroiderers’ Guild, Australia
2006 Visiting tutor – TAFTA Fibre Forum and Fibres South Forum Australia
2009 Visiting tutor – TAFTA Fibre Forum and Fibres South Forum Australia

1996 Artist in Residence, Oathall Community College, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
1998 Artist in Residence, Newman School, Hove, East Sussex
2007 Artist in Residence, Red Oaks Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire

Ashridge Management College, Hertfordshire – Wall hung Textile 3.5m/8m. 

 Urchfont Manor College, Wilts – 50th. Anniversary Commission (group project)

 Red Oaks Primary, Swindon, Wilts. – Wall hung textile 2m/2m - Commission

Oathall Community College, Haywards Heath, West Sussex – College Collection Braintree Museum and Town Art Gallery, Essex – Museum Collection
BBC. S.E. Collection – Corporate Collection
Diane Springall Collection – Private collection
Beauchamps College, Leicester – College Collection

‘Aspiring Arches’ – Dacorum Borough Council Winner & County Recommendation 2000

62 Group of Textile Artists (Chair), Contextus Exhibiting Group



As an oil painter and textile artist, Jae has been careful not to be directly influenced by other artists. For the artist to produce truly original work and find his or her distinctive voice, it is essential to develop a personal method of expressing their own feelings and responses to the world. There are however, artists that Jae admires for their creativity and bravery such as Picasso, Matisse and the Catalan artist Antoni Tapies


This comes from the Jae's world surrounding her. Her sketches often form the starting points from which she develops and expands her ideas. More recently her inspiration  comes from her personal reactions to everyday situations. She is enjoying the challenge of interpreting, in an abstracted way, her feelings, actions or visual stimuli on a daily basis.


Her base fabric is usually unbleached calico. If she is painting it will be prepared to take the oil paint. If however she is printing and using fabric inks then she uses a fabric prepared to take the pigments.


Her fabrics are always painted or dyed. The screen printing inks (Sericol) are often applied after the fabric has been manipulated and stitched. The dyes are applied with a palette knife or sponge roller. These fabrics are are then applied to the oil painted surfaces which have been stitched before the application of paint.


Jae uses a very restricted palette and selects colours that will underline the feelings and ideas that she wants to express in a piece of work. The prestitched fabric areas provide the texture which she balances carefully with plainer areas.


Simple hand stitches are Jae's favourite method of working. They are minimal but can provide strong accents in the work. Free machine straight stitching is another weapon in her armoury but it is used as a functional tool, holding pieces of fabric together. She very rarely use stitches decoratively and have an aversion to glittery threads unless they are essential to the underlying ideas of the piece of work.