Jae’s main theme since graduating from Reading University (BA Hons Fine Art)
has been to represent people in everyday situations. She would often make use
of her thumb-nail sketches as inspiration which were then developed into
life-size wall-hung textile pieces.
More recently however, Jae’s work has changed direction and she is creating
panels using her daily Visual Diaries as her resource. The marks, symbols and
relevant studio fragments represent the events, feelings and actions that impact
on Jae in her everyday life.

She trained as an oil painter and moved into stitched textiles later in her career
with the intention of combining textured stitched surfaces with painted fabric
sections. The challenge of working simultaneously with oil painted surfaces
and fabric is technically stretching but she enjoys the contrast between the
spontaneity of the brush stroke and the hands-on tactile approach that comes
with dyeing, manipulating and stitching into fabric.

As well as being an artist, Jae is an internationally recognized lecturer and
tutor in creative textiles and has taught in Australia and USA. She has also
exhibited widely, in Japan, Israel, USA and Switzerland as well as the UK.
She is an exhibiting member of 62 Group of Textile Artists (taking over the Chair in December 2009) and Contextus. 

Here are some examples of Jae's work in approximate chronological order. Her development from a painter to textile artist can be traced as well as her main themes; figures in an environment, landscapes and more recently an exploration of her personal reactions to the world around her.


         Drawing                                             Still Life                                   At the Hairdressers


  Aberdeen Harbour  HK                      Chinese Junks                               Still Life 'L'


   Nude in Landscape I                         Empires Fall I                           Empires Fall III                       


          Exit                                                   Helpline                                            City Streets


        Fragile Dunes                                    Shoreline                                             Tracts I


          Red Rush                                      8.15 Blues (detail)                             Streetwise


            Bar Chat                                        Roller Bladers                                  Rag Bag Tag

                         Site Development I

Time Lines I and II